Prairie Lakes Family Dentistry

People searching for a mini dental implant dentist in Tracy, MN should think about contacting Dr. Jon A. Heezen. This well respected dentist has been performing mini dental implants in the Tracy area for years. Jon A. Heezen, DDS has extensive experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and is probably the most popular mini dental implant dentist in Tracy, Minnesota. Ask around, his reputation alone should make him your first choice for all dental procedures.

Well equipped to handle root canals and crowns, Dr. Heezen also offers teeth whitening treatments, and other periodontal and endodontic treatments. Mini dental implants are just one of his areas of expertise.

Because he is most known for the mini dental implants he performs, Dr. Jon A. Heezen is a master at taking damaged, broken, or missing teeth and replacing them with mini dental implants - even if you have a small jawbone. These implants may be used to help support bridges or crowns. Whatever restorative work you may need done, Dr. Heezen may use mini dental implants as the ideal solution for your problem.

Well versed in placing dental crowns, dental implants, and dentures in his patient's mouths, Dr. Heezen does all his periodontal procedures using the latest technology. These include root canals, root planing, and scaling. The latter two procedures are recommended for patients with gum disease; they will prevent the disease from progressing to loss of teeth. Dr. Heezen believes in doing whatever is needed to give every one of his patients the best dental experience.

Our esteemed dentist offers his services to every member of your family. He offers full treatments for young children, clear up to dentures for the elderly. Many years of experience has taught him that there is nothing he cannot handle when it comes to dental procedures. His up-to-date office and equipment are part of what makes this doctor shine. Don't be fooled into thinking Dr. Heezen is only trained to do mini dental implants. Yes, this is his specialty, but he can do so much more.

Jon A. Heezen, DDS and his staff are always concerned with the well being of each and every patient. Whether you need to have a mini dental implant done, or you have more extensive dental needs, Dr. Jon A. Heezen is more than happy to treat you. Mini dental implants, and other dental procedures, in Tracy, MN are just a phone call away.

Taking great pride in his practice and the quality of his dental work is a large part of what makes Dr. Heezen so successful. Every patient is treated kindly, and offered the highest standards available in dental care, health, and hygiene. Remember, if you need to have a mini dental implant done as soon as possible, call Jon A. Heezen, DDS today, and soon you will know why everyone is talking about this great dentist.